Corn, Soybean Wheat Webinar

Ohio State University Extension

Corn, Soybean and Wheat Connection

From Ohio State University Extension’s Agronomic Crops Team

January 14th Corn Production 7:00-8:30 pm

Optimizing Corn Yields-Assessing the Contribution of Key Agronomic Management Factors

Dr. Peter Thomison, State Specialist Corn Production, Ohio State University Extension

Seed Treatments in Corn: Impacts on Pests and Pollinators

Dr. Andy Michel, State Specialist Field Crops Entomology, Ohio State University Extension

Dr. Reed Johnson, Entomologist Apiculture, The Ohio State University 

February 11th Soybean Production 7:00-8:30 pm

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: High Input Soybean Production

Dr. Laura Lindsey, State Specialist Soybean & Small Grains Production, Ohio State University Extension

Updates on Fungicides and Resistance, Soybean Cyst Nematode and Seed Treatments

Dr. Anne Dorrance, State Specialist Plant Pathology Soybeans, Ohio State University Extension

February 25th Weed Control 10 am-Noon

Update on New Herbicides/Recommendations, and Managing Herbicide Site of Action

Dr. Mark Loux, State Specialist Weed Management, Ohio State University Extension

Delivered via Carmen Connect

LOCATION      Wood County Extension Office, 639 Dunbridge Road,  Bowling Green, OH   419-354-9050

No Cost to attend, No registration needed

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