Ohio BEEF Cattle letter

The April 3, issue # 830, of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter is now posted to the web at: http://beef.osu.edu/beef/beefApr0313.html

Have you checked our Beef Team web Calendar recently? If not, you’ll find another Grazing School has been added to the schedule . . . check the Calendar frequently for upcoming programs around Ohio. Find it under the Calendar link at: http://beef.osu.edu

It’s calving season, and occasionally even the most docile cows can be bad actors shortly after giving birth. It seems to happen at least once every year, and unfortunately last week one of our good friends from SE Ohio was attacked by one of his cows . . . stay safe this spring!

Articles this week include:

  • “Keep an eye on Momma!”
  • Injury Prevention – Working with Livestock Safety
  • Grass Tetany Prevention
  • Cow Condition at Calving Can Impact Breeding
  • Bull Buyers Select for Profitability Traits
  • 2013 OCA Seedstock Improvement Bull Sale
  • Another Look at the Feedlot Sector . . .

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