2012 County Corn and Soybean Yields from National Ag Statistic Service

The USDA, National Ag Statistics Service has released the 2012 Ohio corn and soybean yields per acre. These yields are used for some crop insurance triggers and helpful in tracking weather impacts. Data for all counties in Ohio can be found at: http://www.nass.usda.gov/Statistics_by_State/Ohio/index.asp

2012 Yields bu/ac

County          Corn         Soybeans
Ashland         121.4           41.2

Crawford      135.1            42.8

Erie              145.0            47.4

Huron         143.5             44.9

Ottawa         158.0           53.0

Richland      125.7            43.9

Sandusky     147.5             51.9

Seneca          117.4            38.3

Wood           136.5            53.6

Wyandot     126.4            43.5

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